How Much Does and SEO Audit Cost?

We perform high-end, detailed SEO audits that provide you with real value. If you're looking for cheap, cookie-cutter audits that can be generated by a piece of software in 15 minutes, you're in the wrong place.

SEO Audit Pricing

Standard SEO Audits

Our most popular SEO audit is the one that makes sense for the vast majority of websites. Almost all Shopify, WordPress, SaaS, B2B audits, etc. will fall into this category.
Price: $1,500

Forensic SEO Audits

Forensic SEO audits are super-detailed audits that go much deeper than our typical audits. These are for sites that want tailored recommendations on a large number of pages, have suffered some sort of SEO setback such as a rankings drop, malware attack, etc.
Price: starts at $5,000

Enterprise SEO Audits

The specialized audits are tailored for very large sites (greater than 10,000 pages). These also work well for sites that have many different sections, such as blogs, communities, knowledge bases, and more.
Price: starts at $7,500

Included in All SEO Audits

Every audit includes the following:

  • On-page, off-page, technical SEO analysis
  • 6-month SEO roadmap
  • Keyword Gap analysis
  • Content Gap analysis
  • Backlink Gap analysis

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