Our agency, Deep Field, focuses on Shopify SEO, so we have a wealth of knowledge there. We leverage that knowledge into providing the best Shopify SEO audits around.

What’s Different About Shopify SEO Audits?

SEO audits on Shopify stores are a bit different than what you see on a typical WordPress site or any other storefront platform. Here’s why:

  • Shopify stores have a very solid architecture in place. Generally, if you build your site on Shopify then you’re going to have a strong site organization (products, collections, etc.) already in place, so there isn’t as much focus on that in the audit.
  • Shopify generally does a pretty bad job with blogging and content, so if you’re blogging there then we can provide some suggestions.
  • Shopify stores often rely on a lot of apps to extend their functionality. Several of these apps, such as those that create product schema markup, affect your SEO, so those need to be reviewed in detail.

How Much Does a Shopify SEO Audit Cost?

Our audits for Shopify start at $1000. There are add-ons that you can choose, such as keyword research and competitor analysis, that can increase the cost. The size of your store typically doesn’t affect the audit.

See more details about SEO audit pricing here.

Why Should You Order an SEO Audit From Us?

We’ve probably audited more Shopify stores than anyone, at least in terms of real SEO audits. Fake audits that are auto-generated from a $30/month software app don’t count 🙂

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